Amelia Island History Hunt

In 1863, with the creation of Free City Delivery, the U.S. Post Office Department began delivering mail to home addresses. Until 1916, U.S. mail carriers knocked on the door and waited patiently for someone to answer. Efficiency experts estimated that each mailman lost over 1.5 hours each day just waiting for patrons to come to the door. To correct this problem, the U.S. Post Office Department ordered that every household must have a mail box or letter slot in order to receive mail. Slowly, homeowners and businesses began to install mail slots or attached mailboxes to receive mail when they were either not at home or unable to answer the door.

This mail slot, with the word “cartas” is located downtown on one of my favorite doors.  Can you guess where this is located?

Visit the Amelia Island Museum of History for in-depth history of the island.

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