Amelia Island-Welcome Home

Well everyone, it has been an eventful week to say the least.  Hurricane Matthew decided to pay a visit to Amelia Island and caused quite a commotion with his presence.  I have many stories and feelings that I would like to share about this storm which I will do at a later time but at this moment I would just like to leave you with this:

14517485_10210588692180687_7441091025981433538_nAmelia Island has been a refuge to me for many storms in my life.  It has been a place of peace, solace, and love.  As I evacuated this island with my family last Thursday I had the worst vision in mind of what I would return to after the storm.  I watched as people who chose not to evacuate posted pictures and videos of flooding and winds making their way across the island.  I watched as The Weather Channel and news stations predicted the worst.  I worried about Elizabeth Pointe right on the beach.  I thought of my backyard, backed right up to the marsh, with big old trees all around, perfectly situated for flooding and wind damage.

On Saturday the news that our island had been miraculously spared started rolling in.  I watched people posting news of safe families, homes that were spared, businesses untouched, and cars lining up waiting for the bridge to open to return to the island.  We received news that the Inn and our homes were spared with little to no damage.

At 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon, the Shave bridge re-opened and I saw a picture of our men in blue standing at the end of the bridge, waving to cars and saying “welcome home” as people returned to the island.  I cried. That perfectly sums up Amelia Island.  No matter where you came from, how long you have lived here, or if you are just here for a visit…welcome home.



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