Felix The Peanut Man

“Would you like some peanuts ma’am?” Felix has asked me this question more times than I can keep track of during my years on the island.  Over time it has grown to include pineapples, mangos, cookies, newspapers, and now t-shirts with his face on the front.  He is a local legend.  A harmonica in hand for little musical breaks between sales, Felix rides up and down the streets of Fernandina on his tricycle selling his goods.  A few years back some misguided small town government officials felt that Felix should not be able to see his items on the streets as he had no permit to do so.  What a mistake.  Hundreds of Felix supporters, including local servicemen deployed to Afghanistan, began an online uproar to save Felix.  And they did.

This Saturday at the Fernandina Farmers Market, a surprise party will be held for Felixthe Peanut Man.  From 10:00am-1:00pm everyone is invited to enjoy live music, party favors, and cake to celebrate.  My Under The 8 podcast partner Christy and I will be at the event recording and the next episode will be dedicated solely to stories about Felix.  If you have a story about him that you would like to share, e-mail me at Tarah@tarahcoastal.com

There are a few characters that make this island the quirky, unique place that it is and Felix Jones is certainly one of those personalities.  I hope to see you all there this Saturday!  Listen to Under The 8 podcast episodes at underthe8.com

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