#LoveAmelia-Ghost in the Jail

This installment of the #LoveAmelia series is a very haunted history by Megan Hettinger, a former ghost tour guide at the Amelia Island Museum of History. The ghostly past and current haunts are the reason that she loves Amelia. Megan has written 3 different stories for the blog with the first being this tale about the old jailhouse; now the Amelia Island Museum of History.


Life Sentence 

Have you heard of a pirate named Luc Simone Aury?
Wanted for murder, rape, violent crimes,  theft he was apprehended and awaited the gallows at the Amelia Island Jail, now the Amelia Island Museum of History.
He had other plans. To avoid allowing the warden the satisfaction and humility of a hanging, he attempted suicide by slitting his own throat in the solitary cell. His plan was interrupted and the local surgeon was called to save him and stitch his neck so he would be able to hang the following day.
Crowds came together to watch, and when the door opened and rope snapped, his neck ripped and blood was thrown all over the front spectators.
He is said to walk the rooms of the jail moaning,  giving a chill and negative sensation to the air and if the time is right, you may even see him.
His presence has been felt at the bottom of the steel stairs across I’m from the original jail cell and museum staff have heard their names called out while no one else was in the building.
The old jail museum is a treasure, open to the public for self and docent guided tours. Relive the past. And you may encounter a real pirate that has been trapped for centuries.
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