#LoveAmelia Linda Hart Green

For several months I have compiled ideas for Tarah Coastal, this series being one of my top priorities. #LoveAmelia will feature creative writings, art, photographs, and other outlets, highlighting Amelia Island locals and the reasons that they love this island. If you are interested in submitting a post, e-mail me at tarah@tarahcoastal.com

The first #LoveAmelia post is by local artist and my friend, Linda Hart Green. Enjoy! 

There are so many things I love about Amelia Island! Choosing one thing is hard! For art subjects, I come back time and time again to the marvelous sunsets. There are many wonderful viewing places from the marina downtown, to the marshes along Egan’s Creek or Old Town or North Pier. My family calls me “the sunset chaser.” I am always checking the time and looking out the window during dinner to be sure I don’t miss a good one. But as other veteran sunset watchers know, there is no such thing as a bad one. Each evening’s sunset has its own special beauty from  the subtle to the dramatic.

Three different sunset views in three different media:
1. Marina Delight, soft pastels.
2. After the storm, photo.
3. Marsh sunset, alcohol inks

Linda Hart Green moved to Amelia Island in 2012. She took early retirement from her career in the Christian ministry to focus on artistic endeavors and to care for her family. She has worked in several local galleries and is an associate member of the Island Art Association. She is currently part of Shady Ladies: an art studio that she formed with 4 other artists this year. Their new art space will open soon at 432 South 8th St. at the corner of Elm St., under the shade of a giant live oak. For information on classes and gallery hours, contact: lehartgreen@gmail.com  or 201-315-2709. The website will go live this fall at www.shadyladiesart.com.

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